Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[Download] Sunday Lane and Thick As Thieves

I'm a big fan of groups that mesh hip-hop with acoustics. In today's age, with the crap (dubstep and frat rap) kids listen to today, hip-hop seems to be largely relatable throughout many age groups. Whether we like it or not, hip-hop is our generation's music. Groups that can take rap and incorporate it into rock, however, have a special ability to relate to and bring together multiple audiences. In short, this kind of music is unique and it works well. 

I recently interviewed Sunday Lane, a young talent with an amazing voice. Her solo career is not the focus this time however, and I'm gonna hold true to the promise I made her: I'm featuring her band Thick As Thieves. And yeah, you guessed it, its a band that incorporates hip-hop really well. They recently finished up a national showcase for NACA in Charlotte, North Carolina. The end result, as they're hoping and as it should result in, is an increase in exposure around college campuses all over the states. 

Nick Richey, the rapper of the group, has a really unique voice and flow - think of Nas, but more 'umph' - and Sunday's soulful, and increasingly sassy voice has created an entertaining mix. Their music is new, and it is refreshing. The five member band recently debuted a four song EP and have made it available for free, alongside a remix to Wonderwall, on their website. Stream my favorite below and then visit their site in order to grab the entire project. And hey, don't be shy if you like their sound: email if you want them to come to your college.

Freight Train - Thick As Thieves

Download Thick As Thieve's free E.P. HERE

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