Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Download] Reptar Releases New Song From Upcoming Album

Reptar, who recently released Sebastian in order to promote their upcoming album, "Body Faucet," has just debuted another. Orifice Origami is just as fun as Sebastian, and has left me filled with anticipation for this album, set to debut on May 1st. They're giving this one away free of charge on their Facebook page, so be sure to download copy for yourself. I'll let the boys take one this:
"It is about exploring the possibilities of our physical and social forms. How do we place limitations on where our bodies and minds can take us? There are casio keyboards. There are marshall half stacks. Also there is piano recorded in Scotts room on King Avenue. Love y'all forever and thanks for listening."
I'll admit that Reptar may be an acquired taste for some, but I have no doubt that most of you will grow obsessed quickly. Like I said last time, these guys, with their awesome name and outrageously independent attitude, are cool. Liking their music is only natural.

Orifice Origami - Reptar

Download Orifice Origami HERE

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