Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Download & Read] Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

I was recently sent Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real's new single, Wasted, and some details about their soon-to-be album that shares the same name by our friends at Miles High Productions. And damn I'm glad they contacted me. Let's put some emphasis on the name Nelson for a second (although I'm sure Lukas is tired of hearing this). This guy just happens to be the son of the great Willie Nelson, and he's certainly playing like it. Lukas has the voice, the swagger, and instrumental talent of his father, but is carving his own path. His new single with his band Promise of the Real is a testament to this, and we can only assume that the full length album (set to debut next week on April 3rd) will continue to bring them success. 

Hey here's a fun fact: Neil Young is mentoring the band. Since this is a piece of writing, you can't see my expression on my face, but trust me, I'm melting. I can't ask for a better set up and I don't see how anyone can pass up the opportunity to grab this album when it debuts. Lukas explains the meaning behind this 14 piece project:
“Wasted is a snapshot of this last summer on tour when I wrote most of this music...It was the summer of debauchery. I was socializing a little too much and not really being true to myself. So the whole record was a snapshot of me making one of the many mistakes I’ll likely make throughout my life. There were a lot of pressures on the road and there are a lot of people who view touring as just one big party. I started staying out until 4 in the morning. It was like summer camp. It took a toll on me. I soon realized I wasn’t really being myself and I had a big wake-up call and it’s during that time that I wrote this record.”
If you've got an ear for good music and can sniff out potential like we can, I'd mark April 3rd down as a day where you drop a few bucks for a sure-to-be great album. Keep an eye out for Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Reals; we'll be featuring them again after their album release, interview and all. 

Wasted - Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

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Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real's 
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