Thursday, March 22, 2012

[Download] Long Cold Lonely Winter - I Dream In Colour

I'm a creature of comfort. I fear big changes and I'm perfectly content sticking within a niche for a while. Occasionally, however, I'm either forced or have some minor-scale awakening that compels me to try something new. Be it a foreign food or sky diving (let's not get ahead of ourselves; that's a ways down the road). Well I'm having one of those minor-scale compulsions right now - and I mean minor. I like my American based music. It's familiar and it's what I've grown up with. Foreign artists always trigger some red flashing warning somewhere in the depths of my mind that in many cases hinders my ability to enjoy. 

Not this time. Granted, I Dream In Colour is only from across the pond, the members speak (rather sing) English, and they barely have accents, I have momentarily overcome my mental blockade against musical xenophobia. How cultured of me. The song below is a recent release entitled Long Cold Lonely Winter, and it is a foot stomping, momentum gaining track. It's foreign, and I love it.

Long Cold Lonely Winter - I Dream In Colour

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