Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Download] The Bomb Shelter Sessions - Vintage Trouble

"Live-wired, straight-shootin, dirty-mouth'd, pelvis-pushing juke music." 

Their name says it all - Vintage Trouble is a fast paced soul and blues band based out of Los Angeles. This four member band won't hesitate to get in your face, and in fact they seem to thrive on their rambunctious style. Ty Taylor, the lead singer, serves as the ring leader as he jumps, dashes, and contorts his body around every stage they play on. Hell, the band is so devoted to being loud and brilliant that they're selling their own line of women's underwear (Gentleman: 95% cotton thong for $10 coupled with their new album, and you have yourself a perfect gift for that special someone). In short, don't expect to lay back and relax to Vintage Trouble. Their music will have you moving around on first listen guaranteed. 

The group came out with a new album titled "The Bomb Shelter Sessions" earlier this month in the UK, but doesn't debut in the United States until April 24th. Luckily for the stingy and impatient, NoiseTrade teamed up with Vintage Trouble and has brought us four of the 10 tracks on that album for free. They're spunky, they're funky, they're Vintage Trouble.

Blues Hand Me Down - Vintage Trouble

Download NoiseTrade's Sampler HERE
Purchase Vintage Trouble's Album THERE

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