Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[Listen] Amos Lee - Windows Are Rolled Down

It’s Wednesday: a day many refer to as, “Hump Day,” as we’re finally making it over the hump of the workweek. If you’re in the same situation as Hobbs and I are, this knowledge may be the only thing that’s keeping you going. But if that isn’t enough, here’s a track from Amos Lee that should help you keep on trucking. It has that upbeat and almost “everything will be ok” feel to it, which with the workload that I’m dealing with at least, is definitely necessary. So if you’re currently slamming your head against your desk at a loss of what to do, stop for a second, play this song and just remember that it’s Hump Day. You’ll have no worries in just 48 hours. Enjoy.


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