Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warm Brew: Reviving the Hip-Hop Scene on BeatDropping

Note: The following two tracks feature language that may be offensive to some. Or not, kids are vulgar these days.

When was the last time Tommy or I posted pure hip-hop? None of that chicken scratch mash-up or remix crap. I'm talking about pure, as it was fully intended to be, hip-hop. I could go back through the archive and find you an answer but let's just say it has been a while. Beat Dropping has more or less become somewhat of the opposite of my initial intentions. I started this site in February of last year with the intention of covering just about every genre. Whether or not I have done that is impossible to say; the music industry is continually shape-shifting thanks to new hybrids that pop up each day. I can say that the frequency of folk, bluegrass, and rock has sky rocketed on the site, however, while hip-hop has tapered off. 
Tommy and I apologize to those of you who have been deprived. I'm not saying that the previously mentioned ratio will change (I like being different than other blogs, most of which focus on hip-hop), but I am making the promise that we will not abandon the genre. Here's proof: I'm a sucker for old-school rap and I'm getting my fix with an LA based group, Warm Brew - a four member gathering who have mastered that vintage rap sound. I fell in love with their self titled EP a ways back, and I'm falling in love all over again with their most recent drop: Creep Remix. That track is featured above, and my favorite from the group's EP is featured below. Be sure to grab the whole project if you're digging their sound. Ya feel me? 

Do Ya Feel Me - Warm Brew

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