Friday, February 17, 2012

Trampled By Manic

Ok, so the other day I asked when the last time I posted real hip-hop was. Well now I have a new questions for ya - when was the last time you heard a solid electronic or dubstep song? Not just on the this site, but in general. Your answer should probably be never as glitch production is quickly getting ridiculous (I mean this in a bad way; I can hardly stand it now). But hey, every once in a while you find a track that will make you take a step back and wonder, "how the hell is this even possible?" 

Manic Focus and Trampled By Turtles should warrant that reaction. On one hand we have the mad scientist type that is Manic, and on the other, we have the quick-pickin' banjo players that make up Trampled By Turtles. The names involved in this remix should let alone grab your attention. And oh boy, when they do, you're given an experience unlike any other. The dubstep (if you can call it that) involved is nowhere near overwhelming, we'll call it similar to the laid back vibe that Pretty Lights emits. Take the glitch and bass, add in Trampled's hit, Wait So Long, and you have yourself an incredible track...

Wait So Long (Trampled By Turtles Remix) - Manic Focus

I apologize to the folk and acoustic junkies for this post, but come on, live a little.


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