Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Studying: The Oh Hello's

And now back to the folk...
The Oh Hello's are perfect for anyone struggling tonight - which should be about everyone who follows the site and is still in school. There's a right song and a right artist for every mood, and the Oh Hello's are staying true to this notion. There's nothing overwhelmingly unique about the two piece group, yet they'll easily play over and over through your headphones because they've perfected the male, female duet. Their music is relaxing, inspiring, and most notably, effortless. The chords flow, and the two siblings that make up this band, Maggie and Tyler Heath, compliment each other perfectly.

Go on and flip the bird to Mondays and relax with the Oh Hello's. If you're of the overly critical type, start out with their song Hello My Old Heart, and you'll fall in love instantly. Stream and download their free EP below, which includes the just-mentioned song as well as three other gems. Enjoy

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