Thursday, February 16, 2012

Matt Corby - "Brother"

I enjoy every song on this website - some more than others. There's the occasional song, however, that pops up and immediately climbs the latter to the number one spot. It happens by default, usually because of some unique element that makes the song not just good or great, but amazing. Welp, I'm having that moment right now with Matt Corby and his song, Brother. I get the feeling that Corby has multiple personalities as his voice seems to divide - one is soft, smooth, and enchanting, and the other is a growl that would make B.B. King blush. You get equal amounts of both, and the song flows effortlessly with catchy hooks, guitar riffs, and the occasional echoing. In short - I'm obsessed, I hope you will be too. If you dig it, buy it on his website or iTunes

Brother - Matt Corby

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