Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Live Track Tuesday: "Arleen"

Hobbs and I are always trying to think of new ideas and ways to get you the music that you want to hear. Some ideas have been through our more or less “themed days” such as “Covering Your Wednesdays” and “Blending Your Thursdays.” Well we have one more to introduce to you tonight, and that is “Live Track Tuesdays.” 

Tonight we’re providing you with a track that was recorded back in the summer of 1999. Widespread Panic went on tour during the summer and fall of ’99 and brought along the Dirty Dozen Brass Band to join them on stage. The band later took a collection of songs played throughout the tour and released them on the album, Another Joyous Occasion in June of 2000. This acted as a breakthrough album in two ways. One being the first record released on Widespread’s own label, Widespread Records, and two being the fact that these two quite different bands joined together and decided to record a live album. 

There are many great tracks on this album, but one in particular stands out, and that is Arleen. It’s a song about a schoolgirl next door who is untouchable (obviously due to her age), and the speaker just “can’t stand it.” This definitely makes up a weird set of lyrics, but who ever said weird is a bad thing? With JB’s grungy voice and the funky horns in the back, the mixture of sound and lyric is perfect. And while this album received some criticism for having “too much sound,” which I can see on some tracks that has many instruments trying to take the spotlight at the same time, this is not one of those tracks. So sit back tonight and accept some weirdness into your life for once, you might just enjoy it.

Widespread Panic featuring The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Arleen (Live)

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