Thursday, February 2, 2012

Delta Spirit: A Vintage Sound for the Modern World

This is the kind of music that you picture playing with some frantic story that features a lot of running, weddings, and old people when they were young. Delta Spirit has this authentically antique sound that makes you want to get up and rock out. Like I said, old people when they were young probably running around at a wedding. Make sense? Probably not until you listen to their music, and maybe never - I'm weird so sometimes a lot of my thoughts don't translate with others. Either way, the lead singer of the band, Matthew Vasquez, will immediately grab your attention with his hybrid of a voice - we'll call it dusty (normally I'd say smokey, but they're rocking this whole vintage sound thing well). And if it's not Vasquez that makes you fall in love, it's the band's ability to combine rock and soul that'll get you. 

The boys are coming out with a new album on March 13th, and if there previous work is any indication of how this one will turn out, I say buy it. Hell, pre-order it. It's bound to be fun, emotional, and incredibly addicting. For now, tide yourself over with a song from their first ever project, "I Think I've Found It." If you like it, which you will, visit their website to download the entire EP for the price of your email address.

Give Me Some Motivation - Delta Spirit

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