Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Covering Your Wednesday: Garrison Starr

Garrison Starr is a nomadic solo artist that hates the music business. She does, however, ironically love her job and has been doing it well since her high school, bar hopping days in Memphis. Her music, and specifically her cover of The Killer's When We Were Young, clearly represents Starr as who she strives to be - honest and authentic. She tears down The Killer's popular song, only to build it back up as a light acoustic rendition. Her music, by coming off as genuine as it does, is smooth and warm. Consequently, Starr's career has budded over the past few years and has now released 6 albums with numerous EPs scattered in between. If you haven't heard of her, now's the time to get acquainted... 

When We Were Young (The Killers Cover) - Garrison Starr

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