Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Listen] Artist Spotlight: Chadwick Stokes

Chadwick Stokes is one of those musicians who just won’t go away, and man do I hope it stays that way. Even with Dispatch’s dramatic break-up, Stokes has still been able to make it to the stereos all over the World through side projects such as State Radio, and an impressive solo act as well. Chad has managed to make quite a name for himself through not only his music, but also through a well known charity called “The Elias Fund” where you can learn more about and donate to here

Stokes seems to be doing all of the right things, and I can only bet that he is going to continue doing so. Here are two of his popular tracks that I think you will enjoy. The first being a hit single from Stokes’ debut album, "Simmerkane II," which was released this past summer. The second track is a fresh from State Radio's recording studio called Roadway Broken. Enjoy. 

Coffee and Wine - Chadwick Stokes
Roadway Broken - State Radio*

Download Roadway Broken HERE
Purchase "Simmerkane II" THERE
  Don't get your panties in a wad if the music doesn't stream instantly, be patient..

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