Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Listen] Artist Spotlight: Chadwick Stokes

Chadwick Stokes is one of those musicians who just won’t go away, and man do I hope it stays that way. Even with Dispatch’s dramatic break-up, Stokes has still been able to make it to the stereos all over the World through side projects such as State Radio, and an impressive solo act as well. Chad has managed to make quite a name for himself through not only his music, but also through a well known charity called “The Elias Fund” where you can learn more about and donate to here

Stokes seems to be doing all of the right things, and I can only bet that he is going to continue doing so. Here are two of his popular tracks that I think you will enjoy. The first being a hit single from Stokes’ debut album, "Simmerkane II," which was released this past summer. The second track is a fresh from State Radio's recording studio called Roadway Broken. Enjoy. 

Coffee and Wine - Chadwick Stokes
Roadway Broken - State Radio*

Download Roadway Broken HERE
Purchase "Simmerkane II" THERE
  Don't get your panties in a wad if the music doesn't stream instantly, be patient..

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Download] Young The Giant Remixed

If you haven't heard of Young The Giant, then you need to stop what you're doing and watch the music video above. You'll fall in love with the song, My Body, primarily because of Sameer Gadhia's voice. They have a similar vibe to The Delta Spirit - old school, fun, and nostalgic. Their self titled album came out back in 2010, and features 12 incredibly infectious tracks that will give you that proud feeling you get after you know you just spent money on the right thing - you wouldn't have it any other way. 

Their album, however, is not the focus of this post; I just needed to provide the musically deprived with some context. Instead, I'm giving you their Remix EP, an 8 track project that will leave you with a smile from ear to ear. Each track is remixed by a different artist, yet the project has a uniform sound that I relate to RAC remixes. The sounds are organic, the vibe is funky, and the personality is undying. Check out my favorites below, and if you enjoy what you hear, follow the links afterwards for the full EP download. 

My Body (Two Door Cinema Remix) - Young The Giant

Cough Syrup (Ra Ra Riot Remix) - Young The Giant 

Download Young The Giant's Remix EP HERE or THERE

Monday, February 27, 2012

[Listen] Monday Studying With Seu Jorge

When you hear the name, Seu Jorge, most would think of lively, Brazilian music filled with heavy strumming of the classical guitar and Spanish rambling. But there is a soft side to this talented musician as well, and for some odd reason, the only thing that seems to bring out that soft side is David Bowie.

Seu Jorge has been in several films, both American and Brazilian (including one of my all time favorites, City of God). Another, possibly more familiar title, is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. In this film, Jorge not only played a part, but also recorded the entire soundtrack, most of which consisted of David Bowie covers. The soundtrack has been in my library for a while now and I thought I’d share it seeing it as appropriate for the coming school week, which for me, at least, will be full of studying. So if your week is looking to be the same, I only hope that the Seu Jorge will help with his soothing, Spanish gibberish. And if that’s not the case, I still don’t see any reason not to sit back and relax during your work-free week with this guy. Enjoy. 

Rebel Rebel - Seu Jorge

Oh! You Pretty Things - Seu Jorge

[Read] Bluegrass For The Newborns & The Twang Records, Vol. 1

Note: We don’t actually mean newborns, that'd be a little ambitious. This post is aimed towards followers near the ripe age of 21. 

A while back I debuted a fun, almost pointless article titled "Hip-Hop Explained for the Elderly." I’m young and naive - thought I could possibly swing the 2% of elderly followers from oldie-loving to Tupac-thuggin'. I suppose there is a slim chance I converted a few, but I'm sure the post was more so a morsel of comic relief here at Beat Dropping. Well I'm up for round two, but this time I'm turnin’ the table on you, and my ageist approach is directed towards those around the age of 21. Oh and screw hip-hop, we're talking twang this time...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Download] Live Track Tuesday: Mama's Love

Tonight’s “Live Track Tuesday” (which can also coincidentally be seen as tomorrow’s cover) is an unforgettable performance by Mama’s Love. I’ve already mentioned these Athens natives back in our Top 5 Jam Bands post but I just can’t seem to keep my eyes (or rather ears) off of them. 

The song I’m featuring tonight is a cover of Hot Chocolate’s “Everyone’s A Winner,” a great pick that they take and fill with their own, unique sound. With the slow, progressing drum intro moving into the piercing guitar licks filled with a twangy rhythm, which is all accompanied by Thomas Galloway’s well-recognized voice, this is one hell of a cover, which concluded their show at the Georgia Theatre on November 4th, 2011. This wasn’t a show to miss, and to any of you who were lucky enough to attend, I am quite jealous. Not only did Mama’s Love rock the stage, but Moon Taxi and Dank Sinatra (who’s feature can be found here) did as well. 

As I said nearly a month ago, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Mama’s Love, who is already well under way to making it big. They plan to start touring the South in mid-March, so if you find a show near you, be sure not to miss it. In the meantime, check out their website and facebook to keep yourself updated with the band and any new releases such as their recently released album, The Great Divide. In the meantime, turn up your speakers and spread the Love. Enjoy.

Everyone's a Winner - Mama's Love

[Spotify] Beggar In The Morning: A Beat Dropping Playlist

Original Photo Cred: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images

If you haven't heard, Spotify is amazing. It's like iTunes but on steroids - instead of paying for individual songs, you're able to listen to virtually everything for free, or a small monthly fee that includes exclusive features. One of the best features of Spotify, however, is the user's ability to make playlists and then share them with anyone they choose within the network. So here we go... 

Click the link above for the playlist or click "Read More" to learn more and see the track list.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Studying: The Oh Hello's

And now back to the folk...
The Oh Hello's are perfect for anyone struggling tonight - which should be about everyone who follows the site and is still in school. There's a right song and a right artist for every mood, and the Oh Hello's are staying true to this notion. There's nothing overwhelmingly unique about the two piece group, yet they'll easily play over and over through your headphones because they've perfected the male, female duet. Their music is relaxing, inspiring, and most notably, effortless. The chords flow, and the two siblings that make up this band, Maggie and Tyler Heath, compliment each other perfectly.

Go on and flip the bird to Mondays and relax with the Oh Hello's. If you're of the overly critical type, start out with their song Hello My Old Heart, and you'll fall in love instantly. Stream and download their free EP below, which includes the just-mentioned song as well as three other gems. Enjoy

Friday, February 17, 2012

Trampled By Manic

Ok, so the other day I asked when the last time I posted real hip-hop was. Well now I have a new questions for ya - when was the last time you heard a solid electronic or dubstep song? Not just on the this site, but in general. Your answer should probably be never as glitch production is quickly getting ridiculous (I mean this in a bad way; I can hardly stand it now). But hey, every once in a while you find a track that will make you take a step back and wonder, "how the hell is this even possible?" 

Manic Focus and Trampled By Turtles should warrant that reaction. On one hand we have the mad scientist type that is Manic, and on the other, we have the quick-pickin' banjo players that make up Trampled By Turtles. The names involved in this remix should let alone grab your attention. And oh boy, when they do, you're given an experience unlike any other. The dubstep (if you can call it that) involved is nowhere near overwhelming, we'll call it similar to the laid back vibe that Pretty Lights emits. Take the glitch and bass, add in Trampled's hit, Wait So Long, and you have yourself an incredible track...

Wait So Long (Trampled By Turtles Remix) - Manic Focus

I apologize to the folk and acoustic junkies for this post, but come on, live a little.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Matt Corby - "Brother"

I enjoy every song on this website - some more than others. There's the occasional song, however, that pops up and immediately climbs the latter to the number one spot. It happens by default, usually because of some unique element that makes the song not just good or great, but amazing. Welp, I'm having that moment right now with Matt Corby and his song, Brother. I get the feeling that Corby has multiple personalities as his voice seems to divide - one is soft, smooth, and enchanting, and the other is a growl that would make B.B. King blush. You get equal amounts of both, and the song flows effortlessly with catchy hooks, guitar riffs, and the occasional echoing. In short - I'm obsessed, I hope you will be too. If you dig it, buy it on his website or iTunes

Brother - Matt Corby

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warm Brew: Reviving the Hip-Hop Scene on BeatDropping

Note: The following two tracks feature language that may be offensive to some. Or not, kids are vulgar these days.

When was the last time Tommy or I posted pure hip-hop? None of that chicken scratch mash-up or remix crap. I'm talking about pure, as it was fully intended to be, hip-hop. I could go back through the archive and find you an answer but let's just say it has been a while. Beat Dropping has more or less become somewhat of the opposite of my initial intentions. I started this site in February of last year with the intention of covering just about every genre. Whether or not I have done that is impossible to say; the music industry is continually shape-shifting thanks to new hybrids that pop up each day. I can say that the frequency of folk, bluegrass, and rock has sky rocketed on the site, however, while hip-hop has tapered off. 
Tommy and I apologize to those of you who have been deprived. I'm not saying that the previously mentioned ratio will change (I like being different than other blogs, most of which focus on hip-hop), but I am making the promise that we will not abandon the genre. Here's proof: I'm a sucker for old-school rap and I'm getting my fix with an LA based group, Warm Brew - a four member gathering who have mastered that vintage rap sound. I fell in love with their self titled EP a ways back, and I'm falling in love all over again with their most recent drop: Creep Remix. That track is featured above, and my favorite from the group's EP is featured below. Be sure to grab the whole project if you're digging their sound. Ya feel me? 

Do Ya Feel Me - Warm Brew

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Live Track Tuesday: Cory Morrow

Being Valentines Day and all, I thought it’d be appropriate to post this next track. Cory Morrow, a good ole country boy from Austin, Texas, has been in the music business since 1997. He’s got a bit of a new age country sound, with some twang mixed in at times. Morrow dedicates our featured “love song” of the night to his parents, but feel free to dedicate it to whoever that special someone might be for you. Also, be sure to check out more of Cory Morrow’s music, as well as the rest of Double Exposure: Live album, which is well worth the money. Enjoy...

Always and Forever (Live) - Cory Morrow

A note from Hobbs: Valentines Day sucks, but this song is pretty good so humor us. Don't freak out that the last two tracks aren't for free download - SOPA is kinda scaring the crap out of us right now and Mr. Morrow is selling, not donating. Follow the links above in order to purchase the song and more. We only give away tracks that artists are giving away. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Studying: Foy Vance

If you're like every other normal human being, you flat out struggle on Mondays. You walk around campus with your bookbag on, but since it's Monday, it feels like a lightweight midget perpetually catching a piggy-back ride - it's one of those days. I've found that a few things can at least make this dreaded day bearable. Besides coffee and a solid nap, music can do wonders, and today music should come in the form of Foy Vance. An Ireland resident, Foy has been belting his soulful voice for a couple years now. Luckily for you, a couple of his best are up for grabs at Noise Trade and it's up to you to decide how much they cost. Stream my favorite, Shed A Little Light, below, take a nap, and procrastinate as long as you can - we'll try and help as much as we can.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blending Your Thursdays: RAC

I've talked about the remix duo known as RAC a few time before, and for good reason. They're two guys that have shattered the remix scene by doing the unconventional. Time after time, song after song, we see remixes featuring the primarily mainstream, electronic hits. Nuh-uh. That's not what RAC is about. These guys pull the unexpected and, at least for me, the unknown out of the bag. Take the Malaysian beauty, Zee Avi, for example. RAC takes tracks like Avi's Concrete Wall and strips them down, making them their own. They're never overbearing, complicated, or duplicated. These guys have found their niche and are thriving in it. See, rather hear, for yourself below... 

Concrete Wall (RAC Remix) - Zee Avi

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Covering Your Wednesdays: The Dirty Guv'nahs

This has been a big year so far for The Dirty Guv’nahs. In order to stay independent, they raised over $36,000 from fans to put towards their new album, which is now well underway. Throughout their fall tour, The Guv’nahs have begun to record what they call the Pink Chair Sessions. These videos consist of several covers recorded with fellow bands such as The Delta Saints, which are featured in the latest one. There are currently five episodes of The Pink Chair Sessions featured on their website, but others can be found on their YouTube channel. They come off with a more laid back sound which is a change of pace for these guys, and works really well. Here is a cover of one of my favorite Avett Brother songs, The Weight of Lies. Be sure to follow these guys on facebook and be on look out for more sessions. Also check out the dates and be sure to catch a show in a city near you. Enjoy.

The Dirty Guv'nahs (featuring The Delta Saints) - Weight Of Lies

Covering Your Wednesdays: The Knocks

I feel like I should be posting this track on another day seeing that The Knocks and Mandy Lee completely remake M83's popular hit, Midnight City. This upbeat-minded group makes this song their own and in return has developed a cover that could gain some serious recognition (it certainly deserves it). The Knocks are a New York based producer and DJ duo who, with the help of Mandy Lee's vocal chords, make incredibly catchy music. This one, despite being a cover, is no exception as the song might as well be considered theirs and not M83's. Boom, enjoy it...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Live Track Tuesday: "Arleen"

Hobbs and I are always trying to think of new ideas and ways to get you the music that you want to hear. Some ideas have been through our more or less “themed days” such as “Covering Your Wednesdays” and “Blending Your Thursdays.” Well we have one more to introduce to you tonight, and that is “Live Track Tuesdays.” 

Tonight we’re providing you with a track that was recorded back in the summer of 1999. Widespread Panic went on tour during the summer and fall of ’99 and brought along the Dirty Dozen Brass Band to join them on stage. The band later took a collection of songs played throughout the tour and released them on the album, Another Joyous Occasion in June of 2000. This acted as a breakthrough album in two ways. One being the first record released on Widespread’s own label, Widespread Records, and two being the fact that these two quite different bands joined together and decided to record a live album. 

There are many great tracks on this album, but one in particular stands out, and that is Arleen. It’s a song about a schoolgirl next door who is untouchable (obviously due to her age), and the speaker just “can’t stand it.” This definitely makes up a weird set of lyrics, but who ever said weird is a bad thing? With JB’s grungy voice and the funky horns in the back, the mixture of sound and lyric is perfect. And while this album received some criticism for having “too much sound,” which I can see on some tracks that has many instruments trying to take the spotlight at the same time, this is not one of those tracks. So sit back tonight and accept some weirdness into your life for once, you might just enjoy it.

Widespread Panic featuring The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Arleen (Live)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Coldplay Covered: A Collection of Covers

I do not enjoy Coldplay. I never have, and I'd be eager to bet that I never will. I do, however, find value in the lyrics of many of their songs. I'm not alone on this one; you don't have to go very far on the internet to stumble upon cover after cover of Coldplay hits. So instead of featuring a few of their own performances, which will never happen on this site so long as I remain the owner, I've decided to honor the group's attention to detail by compiling five of the best Coldplay covers you can lay ears on. So here's to a band I can't stand, keep writing your songs so others may sing them, cheers...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blending Your Thursdays: The Reborn Identity

Gavin Burrell, aka The Reborn Identity, is a UK native based out of Manchester. He’s been creating mash-ups for just over four years now, and it’s apparent that he has quite the talent. Burrell has since graduated from the amateur/everyday-mixup artist and has expanded onto the Internet through his website and Soundcloud page where you can find a wide array of other mashups. Be sure to keep up with this guy on Facebook who obviously has a whole lot of potential.

In the featured track, Burrell takes music from two different generations and makes them seem like they were meant to be, a characteristic I think all mashups should have. There are no fill ins from eight different songs; simply Don McLean singing what he recorded back in 1971 accompanied by the very popular, Florence + The Machine. Enjoy. 

The Reborn Identity - American Days Are Over [Florence + The Machine vs. Don McLean]

Delta Spirit: A Vintage Sound for the Modern World

This is the kind of music that you picture playing with some frantic story that features a lot of running, weddings, and old people when they were young. Delta Spirit has this authentically antique sound that makes you want to get up and rock out. Like I said, old people when they were young probably running around at a wedding. Make sense? Probably not until you listen to their music, and maybe never - I'm weird so sometimes a lot of my thoughts don't translate with others. Either way, the lead singer of the band, Matthew Vasquez, will immediately grab your attention with his hybrid of a voice - we'll call it dusty (normally I'd say smokey, but they're rocking this whole vintage sound thing well). And if it's not Vasquez that makes you fall in love, it's the band's ability to combine rock and soul that'll get you. 

The boys are coming out with a new album on March 13th, and if there previous work is any indication of how this one will turn out, I say buy it. Hell, pre-order it. It's bound to be fun, emotional, and incredibly addicting. For now, tide yourself over with a song from their first ever project, "I Think I've Found It." If you like it, which you will, visit their website to download the entire EP for the price of your email address.

Give Me Some Motivation - Delta Spirit

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Covering Your Wednesday: Garrison Starr

Garrison Starr is a nomadic solo artist that hates the music business. She does, however, ironically love her job and has been doing it well since her high school, bar hopping days in Memphis. Her music, and specifically her cover of The Killer's When We Were Young, clearly represents Starr as who she strives to be - honest and authentic. She tears down The Killer's popular song, only to build it back up as a light acoustic rendition. Her music, by coming off as genuine as it does, is smooth and warm. Consequently, Starr's career has budded over the past few years and has now released 6 albums with numerous EPs scattered in between. If you haven't heard of her, now's the time to get acquainted... 

When We Were Young (The Killers Cover) - Garrison Starr