Friday, January 13, 2012

Matthew Mayfield: Riding The Musical Wave

"I am 27 years old and still climbing the ladder. Partially because I love it, partially because I'm addicted to it. I still tour in a van, I still rummage through the gummy worms at 4am fuel shops. I still look out the window for hours because I can't sleep in a moving vehicle. I still miss home, and I still dream." 

Matthew Mayfield has one of those voices that brings warm memories to mind. He's a soother and he's addicted to music. He's been through a lot since dropping out of school at just 19 years old, yet his music remains simple. He's emotionally charged and his lyrics are sung with purpose. Although he may lack that college degree, Mayfield has what a lot of people don't - ambition, determination, and love for what his life's crazy path has given him. 

Mayfield knew he would be a musician when he was 9. Well kinda - it was between a bank robber, a surfer, and playing in a rock 'n roll band. Coming from him, however, he wasn't quite "brave enough to ride the big waves and not practical enough to rob banks, so here [he] is with a guitar in [his] hand." I'd say that Mayfield's characterization of himself is somewhat wrong though. Although he feared the big wave as a child, Mayfield seems to be riding a different white cap, one made by the notes played on his guitar. He's gaining more and more attention as his short, solo career has started gaining momentum. 

Screw the band, just do it yourself. Matthew Mayfield's doin it, and doin it well. Check out his latest, free album here, in which the following songs are from. Be sure to support the guy by visiting his website if his music catches your attention. 

Ain't Much More - Matthew Mayfield

Missed Me - Matthew Mayfield

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