Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blending Your Thursday: Adrift

I get a few songs sent to me each week and I'm lucky enough to receive a few gems along the way - the ones that immediately put you at ease with satisfied ears. Just so happens I received one this week in the form of a "remashmixup." I'm gonna let Ezra Green, the following artist's true identity, take this one:
"Adrift is an artist who's name very much reflects his life. Some might say a gypsy by nature, his musical styles are all over the map. Though hip-hop remains the foundation behind his music, he constantly explores other genre's for not only the love of music in general but to push himself as an artist and person..."
The diversity found in Adrift's music is exemplified by Like Beasts Who Love To Flirt With Angels - a little John Smith and the infamous Nas. Keep listening past the echoing, seemingly under-developed introduction, and continue on to a track that is quickly recognized as addictive. As always, a big thank you for the song submission - makes my job a little easier. Enjoy

Like Beasts Who Love To Flirt With Angels - Adrift

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