Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Album Release: Big Gigantic's "Nocturnal"

Big things are already happening this year: Jay Z and Beyonce just had ‘Destiny’s Child’ (clever, I know) who’s named Blue Ivy, her father just released a song with a sound you’ve never heard from him before, Van Halen and The Beach Boys announce a reunion tour (unfortunately not together), and Big Gigantic just added to the excitement by dropping their fourth studio album, Nocturnal. What could be better? Answer: the album is free – here.

I saw Big Gigantic open for Pretty Lights and Bassnectar in Alpharetta, Georgia just a couple of months ago and was blown away. These two Colorado natives have such a unique sound in which they incorporate drums, a synthesizer, and…a saxophone. Now you may hear this combination of music and think, ‘What? That won’t work” Oh yes it does. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken have created a new sound that has changed the playing field for electronic music forever; and they do it so well. I tried to pick the 3 best tracks from this amazing album, so be sure to check those out in order to get a feel for this new and revolutionary sound. But more importantly, go to for your free download and support. Also, keep yourself updated `on their facebook and twitter. Enjoy.

Big Gigantic - Rise and Shine

Big Gigantic - Nocturnal

Big Gigantic - Beginning Of The End

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