Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Hobbs has posted in the past on “supergroups” such as SuperHeavy, but one group of four individuals has caught the eye of classical and bluegrass fans alike with something called The Goat Rodeo Sessions. “Goat rodeo” is a term that can be translated simply into “a chaotic situation,” which is quite fitting for this particular group of musicians. Yo-Yo Ma, a renowned cellist, has created this chaos along with fiddler of the Nashville Bluegrass Band, Stuart Duncan, double bassist Edgar Meyer, and current Punch Brother, Chris Thile, on the mandolin (who I recommend everyone look more into for arguably some of the world's best mandolin playing). Together, these four produce a sound that is said to be “genre-proof.” It is definitely chaotic, but in a very organized way (if that makes sense).

Yo-Yo Ma has worked together previously with Meyer on albums such as Appalachian Waltz and Appalachian Journey (both which are well worth your time), but other than that, these four seem to be working on the fly. Most of their work is solely instrumental, however, two tracks (including Here and Heaven, posted below) feature Aoife O’Donovan accompanying Thile on vocals.

This supergroup has a 5 track live EP recorded from The House of Blues that is to be released February 7th. But in the meantime, check out their studio album, simply titled, The Goat Rodeo Sessions. And be sure to check out this group’s one night premier of their Live EP in theaters January 31st. Tickets can be purchased here. Enjoy.

Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile - Attaboy

Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile - Here and Heaven

Monday, January 23, 2012

Drunk Uncle Bands: Hobbs and Tommy's Top Five

Jam bands are the drunk uncles of the music industry - they don't always make sense but everyone flocks to them in hopes they'll be entertained. Tommy and I are both suckers for the perpetual grooving and have decided to present each of our top drunk uncle bands. We went ahead and made these lists with little to no guidelines, yet a mutual understanding that we would try and include bands you might not know yet. Knowing our luck, you've heard all of them, but try and refrain from harshly judging us; we're just trying to have some fun like Uncle Jimmy at Thanksgiving... 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blending Your Thursday: Adrift

I get a few songs sent to me each week and I'm lucky enough to receive a few gems along the way - the ones that immediately put you at ease with satisfied ears. Just so happens I received one this week in the form of a "remashmixup." I'm gonna let Ezra Green, the following artist's true identity, take this one:
"Adrift is an artist who's name very much reflects his life. Some might say a gypsy by nature, his musical styles are all over the map. Though hip-hop remains the foundation behind his music, he constantly explores other genre's for not only the love of music in general but to push himself as an artist and person..."
The diversity found in Adrift's music is exemplified by Like Beasts Who Love To Flirt With Angels - a little John Smith and the infamous Nas. Keep listening past the echoing, seemingly under-developed introduction, and continue on to a track that is quickly recognized as addictive. As always, a big thank you for the song submission - makes my job a little easier. Enjoy

Like Beasts Who Love To Flirt With Angels - Adrift

Friday, January 13, 2012

Matthew Mayfield: Riding The Musical Wave

"I am 27 years old and still climbing the ladder. Partially because I love it, partially because I'm addicted to it. I still tour in a van, I still rummage through the gummy worms at 4am fuel shops. I still look out the window for hours because I can't sleep in a moving vehicle. I still miss home, and I still dream." 

Matthew Mayfield has one of those voices that brings warm memories to mind. He's a soother and he's addicted to music. He's been through a lot since dropping out of school at just 19 years old, yet his music remains simple. He's emotionally charged and his lyrics are sung with purpose. Although he may lack that college degree, Mayfield has what a lot of people don't - ambition, determination, and love for what his life's crazy path has given him. 

Mayfield knew he would be a musician when he was 9. Well kinda - it was between a bank robber, a surfer, and playing in a rock 'n roll band. Coming from him, however, he wasn't quite "brave enough to ride the big waves and not practical enough to rob banks, so here [he] is with a guitar in [his] hand." I'd say that Mayfield's characterization of himself is somewhat wrong though. Although he feared the big wave as a child, Mayfield seems to be riding a different white cap, one made by the notes played on his guitar. He's gaining more and more attention as his short, solo career has started gaining momentum. 

Screw the band, just do it yourself. Matthew Mayfield's doin it, and doin it well. Check out his latest, free album here, in which the following songs are from. Be sure to support the guy by visiting his website if his music catches your attention. 

Ain't Much More - Matthew Mayfield

Missed Me - Matthew Mayfield

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Album Release: Big Gigantic's "Nocturnal"

Big things are already happening this year: Jay Z and Beyonce just had ‘Destiny’s Child’ (clever, I know) who’s named Blue Ivy, her father just released a song with a sound you’ve never heard from him before, Van Halen and The Beach Boys announce a reunion tour (unfortunately not together), and Big Gigantic just added to the excitement by dropping their fourth studio album, Nocturnal. What could be better? Answer: the album is free – here.

I saw Big Gigantic open for Pretty Lights and Bassnectar in Alpharetta, Georgia just a couple of months ago and was blown away. These two Colorado natives have such a unique sound in which they incorporate drums, a synthesizer, and…a saxophone. Now you may hear this combination of music and think, ‘What? That won’t work” Oh yes it does. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken have created a new sound that has changed the playing field for electronic music forever; and they do it so well. I tried to pick the 3 best tracks from this amazing album, so be sure to check those out in order to get a feel for this new and revolutionary sound. But more importantly, go to for your free download and support. Also, keep yourself updated `on their facebook and twitter. Enjoy.

Big Gigantic - Rise and Shine

Big Gigantic - Nocturnal

Big Gigantic - Beginning Of The End

Covering Your Wednesday: Willie Nelson

I've never been a fan of Coldplay, and I'm not much of a fan for country so it's always hard to enjoy someone as authentic as Willie Nelson. I've been converted, however, or at least for one song. Chipotle Grill has started an awareness campaign focusing on the importance of consuming healthier and more sustainable food. Why Chipotle chose Willie to cover Coldplay's The Scientist is beyond a lot of us, but I'll be damned if it doesn't work to perfection. The commercial has been airing in theaters since this past September and this unique cover has spread like wildfire - I guess I'm a little late. Willie's iconic voice dominates over the guitar and drums. Hearing it with the commercial's images, however, creates an incredibly moving performance that has succesfully shown the "sourcing-conscious burrito chain's" feelings and mission. Enjoy one of the best covers of the past year below... 

The Scientist (Coldplay Cover) Willie Nelson

Monday, January 9, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Skizzy Mars

Will Overman is a very talented musician for his field of music to say the least. And now it seems that the same level of talent is starting to pass the horizon in the scene of hip-hop. Skizzy Mars is a 17 year old from Manhattan whose followers are increasing rapidly. Skizzy has debuted through rapping on top of already-well-known tracks such as Foster the People’s “Houdini” and Grouplove’s “Colours". He has now graduated to releasing songs as they come, some anticipated and others simply out of the blue. Not too long ago, Skizzy released his new hit, “Shangri-La,” with just 12 hours notice through his facebook page in celebration of hitting 10,000 fans. This dude is the real deal and has a new type of swag that should take him far. Be sure to follow him on his twitter and keep a close eye for new releases to come…according to facebook and twitter just 5 hours ago, Skiz is “In the studio. About to go off like sirens” so the future is looking to be bright. Enjoy.

Skizzy Mars - Profound

Skizzy Mars – Douchebag

Skizzy Mars - Together

Skizzy Mars - Shangri-La

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From The Nest: Brick + Mortar

Brick + Mortar - an extremely talented indie-duo based out of New Jersey who can play the hell out of a suitcase. Their concrete, electronic sound that they're known for isn't what I'm growing obsessed with, though. I recently discovered an acoustic version of their hit single, Heatstroke, and have consequently fallen for their concrete, folk sound. A story that explains who the band is, Heatstroke shares feelings of being misunderstood, and as far as the band goes, being underrated. 

Regardless of which style you favor, this duo has chosen a musical path focused on originality and pushing limits. In my opinion, that's what music is all about. Brick + Mortar have found their voice and are telling their story in every way possible - even if it means turning a vintage suitcase into a box drum. 

Heatstroke (Acoustic) - Brick + Mortar