Tuesday, December 20, 2011

John Butler: Live & Intimate at Subiaco Arts Center

My favorite Aussie, John Butler, is home for the holidays in Perth, Australia and spreading some holiday cheer. Butler announced on the 15th that he'd be playing unplugged and solo at the Subiaco Arts Center the next day. The catch: limited seating for 300. The guy is more or less a god to his fellow Perthians. Case in point, the show sold out in less than five minutes. Either Butler is a social media guru or he has some serious hometown fan support. I'm banking on the latter. 

The cool thing about this show is the fact that he performed by himself, besides letting his wife, Mama Kin, jump in on a song or two, and shared numerous stories. On top of being one of the most unique musicians I've ever heard, the guy is capable of making a room of 300 laugh in hysterics. Below are two of his songs, Revolution and Losing You, that he performed at Subiaco. Consequently, an entirely new vibe is adopted to both tracks. Watch the unplugged version of Revolution above, or listen to both songs below. Either way, you should leave this site with two new songs and a greater appreciation for Butler's diversified music. 

Revolution - John Butler

Losing You ft. Mama Kin - John Butler

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