Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blending Your Thursdays: Mimosa

I found out about Mimosa a while back, but was only at first introduced to the dubstep side of his music forcing me to think that was it...luckily that wasn't the case. Now don't get me wrong, this Oakland, CA native can throw a beat down with a huge bass and make you rethink your love for Bassnectar, but his talent goes far beyond that. I just found this track Mimosa released back in the spring where he takes Collie Buddz's hit song, "Come Around" for an entirely new spin. He still sticks to his dubstep tendencies, but lays off of the in-your-face sound that dubstep usually carries with it. Mimosa is definitely still up and coming, but if he sticks to different sounds like he's been doing, then he will definitely get the fan base he deserves.

Be sure to check out his facebook and twitter and keep up with newly released tracks. On his facebook page, Mimosa dubs his genre as "Crunk-Step Dub-Hop for the Soul." I don't think there's anyone who can name their own genre better than the artist themselves, however, I think anyone would agree that this is pretty dead on. And to prove that to you, I've posted a bonus track of his that is 25 minutes of this "Crunk-Step Dub-Hop for the Soul". So when you find yourself sitting around, switching songs on iTunes way too often, and with nothing better to do, play this track and see what Mimosa is really capable of. Then after doing so you can decide for yourself if you think that genre is as fitting as I do. Enjoy.

Mimosa - Come Around (Collie Buddz Remix)

BONUS TRACK: Mimosa - September Mix 2011

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