Friday, December 23, 2011


AWOLNATION (pronounced A-wall-Nation) is "an American electronic rock solo project" headed by Aaron Bruno. This project, from what I gather, has something to do with battling extraterrestrials? I don't know; it could be that I'm writing this late at night and tired, but I honestly have no idea what this guy is about. I visited his website to try and gain a better understanding, but left more confused than I was before. He is weird, but he makes music that pops. He's recently received a boat load of attention for his new single, Sail, which comes from their new album, "Megalithic Symphony." 

Time out. I know what you're thinking. An all caps band name, electronic rock, and an album named "Megalithic Symphony?" What has Beat Dropping turned into? 

Time in. Give it a shot. Like multiple shots, and you won't be able to stop listening to this guy, I promise. To hell with explanations; not everything you listen to has to be clearly definable. You may not like the following two songs at first listen, but hear them a few more times and you'll be glad Aaron Bruno has some mental fixation involving E.T. - it makes for some pretty cool music. Like I said before, his songs have a certain way of standing out. Although I'm not normally attracted to music like this, AWOLNATION has somehow lured me in. It's grungey, it's catchy, and it's out of this world! (kidding, I would never use an exclamation point seriously, that's just silly.) Enjoy 

Guilty Filthy Soul - AWOLNATION


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