Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 Things You Never Saw Coming

Everyone loves a good top 10 list. I guess I'm just now realizing this since this is Beat Dropping's first one, but better late than never. Keep reading in order to focus in on the ten things you never saw coming this past month...

10. Justin Bieber reportedly wants to try his hand at dubstep
The only reason that this is number ten is because I half way expected it. Bieber is a weird kid. He carried a small snake named Johnson onto the red carpet and failed to realize the humor in it; it sure was hip though...His music, however, is the weirdest thing about him. I could handle the pop (that's not to say I enjoyed it), I saw his venture into hip-hop as only a matter of time, but dubstep? You have successfully confirmed that glitch production is the opposite of music.

9. Superheavy is enjoyable
This band, orchestrated by Mick Jagger, features five different artists from all over the world and somehow has found a groove that is being widely enjoyed. A.R. Rahman, who is from Slumdog Millionaire, Damian Marley, Jos Stone, Dave Stewart, and Mick Jagger have unexplainably created a new, profitable genre that combines a whole lot of ethnic flair.

8. Neon Hitch is oddly irresistible
She's really eccentric, yet oddly irresistible. Personally, I think it's her sex appeal, but there's obviously some flaw to my assertion. My mom, who has no interest in hip-hop, cannot get enough of Hitch's cover of Mac Miller's Donald Trump. Who would have thunk?

7. Will Shine's Back In Black
This guy can rock out, yet he doesn't do it often. I listened to his take on AC/DC's Back In Black once, and I bought the album it belonged to. Welp, wish I could re-do that one. I don't like talking poorly about musicians because even if they don't appeal to me, they might to the next person. Let's just say then, that the only Will Shine song I like is his cover of Back In Black. I am more or less obsessed with it, so imagine my surprise after my $11.99 album purchase on iTunes...

6. John Butler's fingernails are fake
This is the appropriate action. I've recently labeled John Butler Trio as my favorite band, and over the short course of time that they've held the #1 spot, I've trusted John. I have put faith in knowing that four of his right handed fingers feature grotesquely long fingernails. Wait. Hold your horses. Damn it, they're fake. Honestly, although it does tarnish his Australian authenticity, I still dig his music. I guess it does take a pair to accessorize your hands as a man. The Trio is still sittin' pretty at #1.

5. Florence + Machine makes Drake bearable
I recently posted this cover but failed to mention how much I dislike Drake. I think his wide set eyes are frustrating, and he's always smiling. That's annoying, but Florence + Machine is making him bearable. Florence can sing; I think that's been successfully established so I suppose it's not a surprise that I love this song. But then again, it was written by a man I can't stand. I mean seriously, he's always cheesin.

4. I've fallen off of the mashup bandwagon
Ask my friends and they'll tell you every time that I am obsessed with mashups. Hell, you probably figured that one out since this is a music blog featuring my favorite music. But boom, just like that and I've fallen off the mashup bandwagon. I can tolerate a two song blend, but that's about it now. Oh, and it's gotta be near perfect. Honestly I think mashups are ruining music. There, I said it.

3. Rae Spoon is a man
I've had this song in my library for a really long time, but not once did I ever think to look this cat up. The song never caught my full attention yet its always made an appearance on my iPod's screen. No offense to ya Rae, but I picture this when I hear your voice. I like the song, but damn.

2. DFA's remix of paper planes 
Wait, what? Even though the name of the song is Paper Planes Remix, I still didn't see this one coming. What's even more surprising? I used to hate the original song until I heard this remix. Call it a face lift if you will.

1. Will Overman is still in high school
This guy features one of the best voices in folk that I've featured on Beat Dropping. He writes his own songs, he can play the hell out of a guitar or mandolin, and he's a senior in high school. Yeah, he's 18 17 - yeah my mind was just blown even more when Tommy corrected me - and can sing like that. That's not common, and he knows that. Tommy, who has grown up with Will, interviewed him last week and uncovered something pretty unique. He's only been taking this whole music thing seriously for about three years now. The point - this is natural talent and he's gonna go places. Hurry up and jump on the Overman bandwagon before it speeds off...

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