Friday, November 25, 2011

Ronald Jenkees

Ronald Jenkees is a self-taught musical genius who has made himself famous to listeners across the world. He became popular through his viral YouTube videos, and has since released two independent albums, all despite the fact that he is still unable to read music and simply plays by ear. Jenkees was exposed to the piano at the age of 4, and from there has produced music with it unlike anyone before him. He is one of the rare musicians nowadays who merely "makes music because it is fun" as he says.   Here are a couple of my personal favorites, but be sure to check out his website, Facebook, and YouTube for more. We want this guy to get as much publicity and encouragement to start touring, which could make him the next big thing; and he also simply deserves it. Enjoy.

Stay Crunchy - Ronald Jenkees

Super-Fun - Ronald Jenkees

Disorganized Fun- Ronald Jenkees 

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