Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Hackensaw Boys

The Hackensaw Boys is a band that seems to keep on changing. David Sickmen and Tom “Peepaw” Peloso, who soon brought in two more talented musicians, Robbie St. Ours and Rob Bullington, started it in 1999 based out of Charlottesville, VA. This bluegrass quartet began strong with a great sound and only improved. Now, out of the current seven-man-band, only Rob remains. And through 12 years of playing, much has obviously changed, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These guys are still pickin’ and grinnin’ just as much, if not more, then they were in the beginning, bringing the reckless, foot stomping sound that has become popular to all ages. Here are three songs that, in my opinion, help show the Hackensaw Boys’ journey through the years. You can follow them on their website or facebook page. Enjoy.

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