Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Greatest Live Album You've Never Heard Of

I'm sure most of you know who The John Butler Trio is, and I'm sure you enjoy them. If neither of those statements apply to you, then I want you to continue reading this, purchase this album, and kindly reconsider your previous stance against this band. For those of you that enjoy John Butler, I applaud you and I'm willing to bet that after listening to this album, you'll love them that much more. 

Red Rocks Amphitheater, located in Morrison, Colorado, plays host to some of the most outrageous concerts in the United States. Visually striking, the theater sits between, as you guessed it, two big, red rocks. John Butler and his boys had the pleasure of playing and recording a live album there in June of 2010 (the album was released this past July however). When all said and done, the group managed to produce one of the best live albums I have ever laid ears on... 

John Butler is a quirky, yet bad-ass Aussie with overgrown fingernails, a nappy beard, and some epic dreads. The coolest part about this guy, however, is his outrageous ability to produce amazing guitar ballads. You might be able to guess where I'm going with this - "Live At Red Rocks: The John Butler Trio" features jam after jam that show off Butler's iconic talent. If he's not extending a song with an impromptu solo, he devotes a whole segment to nothing but a guitar and a kick-drum. Take Ocean for example - hands down the most expressive, creative, and spontaneous guitar ballads I have ever heard

Individually, they're great. Together, the musicians that make up The John Butler Trio are phenomenal. Showcased by this album, they're music is diverse, creative, and genuine. Every song has a meaning, every note has a reason. The album features 22 tracks spread out over two discs and two hours. Some tracks acoustic, some electric, but either way, this is a great collection of musical talent. Purchase the album here or below, and then sit back and enjoy my friends, because this is the best live album you've never heard of...

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