Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gravy and the Biscuits

What do you get when you combine three college kids, Clay Matthew's hair, and some serious vocal and lyrical capability? Gravy and the Biscuits, a band that has formed out of friends, all of which could have separate, successful music careers. You have a kid who can belt it as if John Mayer and Ray Lamontagne had a love-child, another that can spit some of the most laid-back, original raps I have enjoyed in a while, and lastly a drum player who can guide any song with ease. These guys attend Belmont University, record all of their songs in their dorm room, and are loving every minute of it. As they should; their new EP, "Soul Food," which debuted a few days ago and can be downloaded below, is near perfect if you're a fan of the rock/rap duo. Even if you're not, you've gotta love the love-child's voice... 

Watch out for these kids, they're going places. Enjoy it or get lost

Soul Food EP Download via GMAD 

That Sunset - Gravy and the Biscuits

Butter - Gravy and the Biscuits