Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Covering Your Wednesday: Courtney Welbon

Courtney Welbon has managed to make William Shakespeare seem like no big deal. Just 18 years old, Courtney found herself with the daunting task of having to memorize Shakespeare's famous "To Be, or Not To Be" soliloquy for her AP English class. Completely rattled, she turned toward what she knows best: music. One of the most creative covers I have ever heard, Courtney's version of the famous monologue has stopped me in my tracks, compelling me to listen to it on repeat. Although the warm sounds of the ukele and her sweet voice oppose the true, intended tone of the monologue, Courtney makes it work really, really well. Somehow Shakespeare just got a little less horrifying. Enjoy 

To Be or Not To Be - Courtney Welbon

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