Monday, October 31, 2011

The Steel Wheels

This is some good, old fashioned bluegrass - something I used to hate before hearing The Steel Wheels. They're twangy, southern, and make good use of the fiddle, banjo, and mandolin. If you're not a fan of bluegrass or any of the preceding qualities, look elsewhere. Don't think these guys are over-the-top however. Take myself for example; I just said that I don't care for the backwoods hoedown, yet I'm wishing I was sitting in a rocker on a front porch when I hear The Steel Wheel's new album, "Red Wing." It's simple music, yet easily grabs your attention - what every musician should strive for. They jam out, ususally with extended intros, and then slowly work the vocals in. In other words, the vocals compliment the instruments. Grab the full album off of Noise Trade, but for now, listen below... 

Love You Like I Should - The Steel Wheels

Nothing You Can't Lose - The Steel Wheels

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