Monday, October 31, 2011

Loving the Unexpected

Like I've said recently, I'm starting to fall off the dubstep and electronic bandwagon. There are a few, however, that are making me rethink my musical adjustments. This remix by Simon Sh:Out is one of those tracks that forces you to start jumping around. It's also extremely unique and the first remix featuring Eagle Eye Cherry's massive hit, Save Tonight, that I've ever heard. This one lingers on the club electro feel, which I can't stand, but I can certainly dig this. Get jumpin'

Save Tonight Remix - DJ Sh:Out

The Next Big Thing

It's no secret that the modern music industry is primarily hip-hop driven. More and more people are listening to rap, and a large reason for that is that artists are giving away their music for free in attempts to attract larger fan bases. I'm a fan of hip-hop, but at the same time, I think it's unfortunate that future teenagers will be asking their parents who The Temptations were and the parents asking the kids who DJ Bangin is. So why not come up with a compromise and start blending the two together? Young artists are starting to get on the same page and invest some time into the preceding idea. Regg, for example, is a band based out of Oklahoma and has figured out a unique combination of rock and rap. It's catchy, modest, and a breath of fresh, era-mushing air. Say hello to a new genre... 

If I Fall Down - Regg 

The Steel Wheels

This is some good, old fashioned bluegrass - something I used to hate before hearing The Steel Wheels. They're twangy, southern, and make good use of the fiddle, banjo, and mandolin. If you're not a fan of bluegrass or any of the preceding qualities, look elsewhere. Don't think these guys are over-the-top however. Take myself for example; I just said that I don't care for the backwoods hoedown, yet I'm wishing I was sitting in a rocker on a front porch when I hear The Steel Wheel's new album, "Red Wing." It's simple music, yet easily grabs your attention - what every musician should strive for. They jam out, ususally with extended intros, and then slowly work the vocals in. In other words, the vocals compliment the instruments. Grab the full album off of Noise Trade, but for now, listen below... 

Love You Like I Should - The Steel Wheels

Nothing You Can't Lose - The Steel Wheels

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blending Your Thursdays on a Friday

I dropped the ball yesterday, but I'm making up for it today with two mashups. Both are by the recently discovered artist, DJ 21azy (still haven't figured out how to say it). The first, Can I Get Those Colours, came out earlier this week and features my main man Biggie on top of a Skizzy Mars and Xaphoon Jones beat. The second, I Got That Flame, dropped yesterday and spotlights the up and coming rapper, J. Cole mixed with another rising talent, Mac Miller. Both are worthy of their own features, but I figure why not blow your mind twice as much with a single post? I featured this DJ last week, so refresh your memory, listen up and enjoy. 

Can I Get Those Colours - DJ 21azy

I Got That Flame - DJ 21azy 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Covering Your Wednesday: G. Love

G. Love can play the hell out of a harmonica. How could you not with a show name like that? G. Love covers Paul Simon's 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover in an awesome style: his own. It's energetic, filled with his grinding voice, and at the tail end showcases a wicked, trademark harmonica bit. I've always been a fan of G. Love & Special Sauce, but I'm loving him on his own. Paul Simon's birthday was this past week, so think of this installment of Covering Your Wendesdays a tribute to one of the grooviest singer-songwriters of all time. Enjoy 

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - G. Love

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ease Into This Week With Lisa Hannigan

Tuesdays are doomed to be long and miserable. You can argue that Mondays are worse, but at least you go into the week knowing that Monday will be rough. Tuesdays always seem to surprise you; they're the day where everyone utters this week is going by so slowly. It's days like these where you need music to relax to. You need the occasional mellow tune that will mesh your mind into the agony of yet another week. That's where Lisa Hannigan and her song, "I Don't Know" come in. It has an upbeat tempo yet a mellow attitude, and an amazingly smooth voice. Ease into this week with Ms. Hannigan and forgetcha worries 

I Don't Know - Lisa Hannigan

Mana Nutrition: How You Can Save a Life

My sister is now working for an outstanding non-profit known as Mana Nutrition. MANA dedicates itself on providing ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), and it's been designed specifically to treat kids diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). Basically, MANA is providing peanut butter mixed with fortified milk in over-sized ketchup packets, and it's saving thousands of malnourished children every day. 

A child diagnosed with SAM can be literally on the brink of death. On average, three packets of MANA per day for six weeks will revive a child, getting him or her back to normal nutritive levels, healthy, responsive and happy. Better yet, the track record is such that kids who have been restored rarely fall back or need RUTF again. Watch the video below to learn more. 

How can we help? You can donate to help give more MANA to kids who need it. For $60, a child is saved, brought back from the brink of death. Beat Dropping is beginning a donation page where anyone can donate any amount they feel is appropriate or possible. Even a donation of $1 can and will make a difference. To donate, visit Beat Dropping's donation page, or just click the button on the side bar to your right. You can learn more, you can spread the word, and you can help save thousands of hungry lives...

MANA Has Arrived from ManaNutrition on Vimeo.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Folk Is Great

Note: I'm well aware that probably about 95% of my followers have grown to hate me over the past two weeks. I've managed to post about three times, but at least know that I have a legitimate excuse, which comes in the form of hand-cramping busy work delivered by Wofford College. 

I've listened to nothing but folk during my brief hiatus. It has been playing non-stop in my ears for two weeks and I wouldn't have it any other way. Initially, Beat Dropping was pretty much consumed by hip-hop, dubstep, and any other electronically butchered track I could find. Then, when I finally got comfortable enough to say whatever twisted thought popped into my head, I started featuring the music I really love - folk. This shit is really good, like unbeatable by any other genre. Try me. 

Knowing me, you're aware I have extreme music ADD. I'm hoping to get the ball rolling on some kind of experimental drug that fixes this ridiculous obligation to hit the next button in my iTunes library. I think I've made some headway over the past two weeks and it comes in the form of Matthew and the Atlas, a band based out of Aldershot, United Kingdom. They're relatively young, both in members' ages and band creation (they came together in 2009). I'm guessing by their hectic tour schedule (includes a November 6th show in Raleigh I may attend), which crosses back and forth across the Pacific Ocean, countless people have already figured out these guys are a pretty solid group - solid enough to keep your musical ADD at bay at least for a song or two. They can pick it up, and they can certainly slow it down. They're a complete package, and I can't get enough of them. One second you're being lulled to sleep via one raspy voice and the slight twang of a banjo, and then the next minute you're on your feet dancing like a fool. Again, this stuff is really good. Visit their website and buy everything. Now 

Here's the best of the best:

I Will Remain - Matthew and the Atlas

Deadwood - Matthew and the Atlas

Fisherman's Wife - Matthew and the Atlas .

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Put It In Your Manners

I've had this track sitting in my inbox since the beginning of last week and it has been nothing short of torture not being able to find the time to feature it. Better late than never, though. I would normally save something like this for Blending Your Thursdays, but shit, this is exactly what I love to hear from mashups. It's smooth, catchy, and combines two artists I already love - Childish Gambino and Chiddy Bang. DJ 21azy, or rather Kevin Nelson, is surely getting noise complaints from his neighbors every night at the University of Minnesota...Check out his facebook page to pick up more songs and to feed the flames on this guy's musical rampage. Enjoy 

Put It In Your Manners - DJ 21azy

Covering Your Wednesdays: Tommy Oakes on The Avett Brothers

Nowadays when you hear someone mention the Avett Brothers, the first thing that comes to mind is their most recent and most mainstream album, "I And Love And You." A great album. However, in both my opinion and the opinion of many other fans as well, the album doesn’t quite show the true Avetts - the loud, reckless, banjo-picking brothers that we have grown to love. Well here’s a little taste of what I’m talking about through their cover of John Prine’s “Spanish Pipedream.” If you like what you hear, I have also posted a few other “oldies but goodies” from the Avett Brothers, whom you can follow via their website, their facebook page, or their twitter. Hope you enjoy 



Monday, October 3, 2011

Slow It Down with The Dirty Guv'nahs

I've posted about The Dirty Guv'nah's music and their kickass band name before, and now I'm doing it again. This young group of guys from Tennessee has this whole rock and roll thing figured out. They can jam out, and then they can slow it down; they understand how humans work and they exploit that knowledge. I've said before that nowadays hardly anyone stops to appreciate the slow songs. Our lives are incredibly fast paced today; hell, I have two tests, a paper, and meetings every day this week. I shouldn't even be posting today because I'm so swamped with work, but that's how much I like my followers. Well, I say screw sprinting through life, you never know what you might miss. After all, it's the small things that matter. Slow your day down with the Guv'nah's Song For My Beloved and visit their profile on Noise Trade to download their whole album while you name your own price. 

Song For My Beloved - The Dirty Guv'nahs