Monday, September 12, 2011

A Throwback Monday

I made my way down to Clemson University on Saturday to cheer on my T-Dogs with a group of my friends, and on the way found myself struggling through a CD we found - Now 5. To give you an idea of what I had to suffer through, Now 5 features songs by N-Sync, Destiny's Child, and Aaron Carter...From the time I left campus to when we arrived at our tailgate, my blood pressure had probably skyrocketed. I consider myself lucky, however, because I can say that this shit was not part of my child hood (well I did go to a Backstreet Boys concert when I was younger, but feel that it shouldn't count as I fell asleep 30 minutes into it). Instead, I was raised on quality music, and to be specific, Robert Cray. To be even more specific, Cray's hit "Bouncin' Back." One of my favorite memories was driving back from the pool during the summer, my dad blaring the blues, and my wet back sticking to the leather seats. So while the average ten year old sat in the back seat with his disc-man listening to 98 Degrees and looking like a complete jackass, I sped by with the sun roof open, and Robert's soulful voice booming. This is more or less a thank you to my dad for setting me straight and providing me with real music. Enjoy 

Bouncin' Back - Robert Cray

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  1. and clearly you will have just made his day with this shout out, but I have no doubt he'll be asking for a little more bluegrass now that he's figured out how to navigate to your website! bless his heart...must have played that music a bit too loud over the years! xomom!