Sunday, September 4, 2011

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

MTV's music award for best new artist should have gone to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Screw Tyler The Creator; ever since I saw him eat a cockroach and throw it up, I can't take him. I have been hearing song after song from this hip-hop duo and I continue to be blown away. The production value stemming from Lewis is quickly becoming nothing short of legendary, and Macklemore is showcasing some of the best lyricism I have ever heard. The pair just released the above music video for their track, "Otherside Remix," that features Fences. Besides creating emotionally driven hip-hop that speaks and relates to listeners, they are also creators of equally dramatic music videos.

Besides the obvious reasons I mentioned above, here's why Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are my favorites and should be yours too: It's a story, not an anthem. There is no mention of how hammered Macklemore was the previous night, nor how he is a better artist than Tyler The Creator (he is, a lot better). Instead, these guys are producing stories that are incredibly emotional. This song, for example, speaks about artists' influences on listeners. He mentions Lil Wayne's addiction to cough syrup and how, instead of being shunned, became part of the norm as fans followed suit. Watch the video above, or just listen below, and enjoy.

Otherside Remix ft. Fences - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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