Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Covering Your Wednesday: Pat Buzzard and Busby Marou

I've had this song in my library for a while now and have been on the fence deciding whether or not I should feature it. Here was my thought process: It's a rock & roll version of "Wagon Wheel," everyone will love this. Immediately after thinking that, I thought it's a cover of "Wagon Wheel," a song covered pretty damn regularly. I'll be honest, there's nothing too special about this track. Besides the fact that Pat Buzzard makes the song less twangy and more enjoyable to rock fans, it's fairly predictable. Here's the fun part though, and I'm doing this and running the risk of being judged by my peers at the same time: I'm including another cover that is basically the complete opposite of expected. Busby Marou tackles "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" with a soft acoustic touch. The original is considerably annoying, but with Busby's voice, I can dig it. Enjoy


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