Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blending Your Thursday: wait what

This mashup album has officially made it as my favorite to date (boom). Notorious B.I.G. and The xx - two polar opposites. Mashup artist and DJ, wait what, gives the finger to that statement with this album. Even though the project is small (only 11 tracks made the cut), "The Notorious xx" makes up for its lack of size with some of the most unique takes on Biggie's best.
"The marriage, if you can call it that and really, you can't, given that it's about 43 minutes long, so he's more aiming for a really solid connection between two people just trying to feel something--is admittedly unorthodox. Biggie's music can make anyone at the club feel like they're a rapper, and gets a dance floor going at most any party, whereas The xx are mostly consumed in iPod ear buds on public transit, sitting in isolation at home, or driving alone--in many ways, the combination of the two is the extrovert meets the introvert. 
Despite the clear differences between The xx and Biggie, their union--err, encounter--works. While their music comes from different eras and genres, both have one undeniable quality in common: when they speak, you can't not listen. As soon as Biggie's verses start, you want to hear more about his Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, just as you want to hear how the story concludes when The xx exchange lines asking each other to please not go when they're not finished. This need to hear what both artists have to say makes them a compelling match- the introvert and the extrovert from whom you can't take your attention away."
Stream and download the entire album below; you're going to want all of them unless you don't have a good ear or soul. So make a good musical decision tonight and sit back with "The Notorious xx." 


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