Monday, September 19, 2011

Album Review: Will Shine's "Here, There, and Everywhere In Between"

I'm giving credit to Cover Me for discovering Will Shine and his badass cover of AC/DC's Back In Black. I liked it so much that I went and bought his entire album right after my first listen. The guy has a funky jazz, rock feel that is just flat out awesome. His latest album, "Here, There, and Everywhere In Between," showcases that great sound for the most part. For example, Please, Be Yourself, and Back In Black are what I can only describe as a storm of acoustics, trumpets, and drums. It's really, really cool - not many can argue that. Then I'm thrown some curve balls - some good, others not so much (at least for my taste anyways). What If? (New Romance) takes a sharp turn from the previous tracks' acoustic jazz vibe and heads straight toward Jamaica. The song has nothing to do with the small island, except that Shine implements a little reggae. It's not my favorite from the album (it's currently ranked 4th, actually), but I can dig the guy's attempt to mix it up a little. After this track, however, my stomach starts to hurt and I feel like I've been forced into a youth group with a questionable talent call. Nothing against youth groups, but any time music is incorporated, it tends to be cheesy, queasy, and over-easy. Will Shine, unfortunately, enters this realm for the remainder of the twelve track album...No hard feelings, Will; I needed material to write about and you had me over-the-top-excited with Back In Black

I feel like I'm ending on a sour note, so here's my attempt to sugar coat it: purchase Back In Black, Please, and Be Yourself. They're funky, original, and simply awesome. Replay them over and over, although that's implied after you finishing listening for the first time. If you're feeling a little wild, go ahead and pick up What If? (New Romance), and get your easy feelin' fix. If somehow I have completely misjudged my followers, and you're all for the gospel, acoustic vibe, then purchase the entire album on iTunes


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