Friday, August 26, 2011

Observations & Accusations

I've decided I'm going to start providing some music-related news once a week in a small feature. I haven't decided what day it will come on, but here's the first week in review accompanied by my observations and accusations...

•More and more dubstep and glitch production artists are debuting music videos. Most notably, Skrillex's "Equinox," in which he casts an omen-esque character that turns the tables on a stalking pedophile. Is it possible that dubstep is directly related to the devil and child molestation? Probably.

Rebecca Black, the 14 year old behind the year's most obnoxious song, "Friday," has reportedly dropped out of school due to excessive hazing. I plea the fifth.

Mick Jagger has created a new band, or rather super-group, named SuperHeavy (pictured above). Alongside Mick, Damian Marley and AR Rahman (from Slumdog Millionare) will be adding their own musical heritage. Consequently, some ridiculous new genre that blends island tin drums, Asian instruments we've never heard of, and the beat that comes from Mick's neck vein has been created. Can you say Grammy?

China's Ministry of Culture is making all music-download-websites delete songs by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and the Backstreet Boys, or "face punishment." At least someone's getting it right...

•Rapper DMX was just arrested for a suspended liscence and speeding (he was just released after a 7 month sentence a month ago). According to TMZ, he was traveling 102mph in a 65mph zone. The shock doesn't come from knowing his speed, but rather seeing his mug shot. In short, DMX is balding.

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