Saturday, August 6, 2011


I don't know what "merp" means. I feel like I should though, so I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, and got 18 different definitions. Obviously I'm still confused. The up-and-coming hip-hop duo known as New Linen titled their newest album "Merp Nation," and seeing that the members are still in college (Penn State and Alvernia University), I'm going with definition #6. I could be wrong, but I figure it doesn't really matter because the music is what counts. Neal Herring and Tim Pici, the musicians behind New Linen, released "Merp Nation" two days ago. The EP showcases 14 tracks that all heavily incorporate the piano and and acoustic guitar. From track to track, the vocals can get monotonous, but overall the music and wordplay overcome and provide a smooth listening experience. The duo samples, reconstructs, and even covers tracks dropped this past year, and does so in a refreshingly crisp manner. The highlights are below, and if you decide you want more, you can download the full mixtape on Enjoy

When I'm Young - New Linen

By Your Side ft. K Helm - New Linen

Forget Who You Are - New Linen

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