Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rediscovering Mac Miller

Sometimes all it takes to turn you off on an artist is one song. I was huge on Mac Miller until I heard a song with too many cuss words and no meaningful backbone. That was a couple of months ago. It's also pretty amazing how quickly an artist can grab your attention again, as Mac did today when one of his best tracks, "Best Day Ever," started playing on my speakers. I've gotten more attached since I watched the music video that debuted back in July. Mac's personality comes through on this project and you really get a feel of where he has come from, which judging by the video, was a loving family. His career has progressed rapidly and he's one of few in the game right now that have made conscious efforts to speak about issues people care about. I know the song is pretty old, but when I started listening to it today, I realized I never posted it. So in case you haven't heard, this has been the best day ever as I rediscovered an up-and-coming great. Enjoy

Best Day Ever - Mac Miller

Bonus: Best Day Ever Remix - Big Z
(didn't take long for me to get over my blood pressure issue and I'm back to listening to more Biggie...)

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