Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beat Dropping for Tune Traveler

I'm pretty excited to announce that Beat Dropping is expanding in two different ways. The first way: I've been invited to work for Tune Traveler. Some of you may remember me talking about the music marketing company a while back, but for those of you that are new to the BD scene, Tune Traveler is a new website-based company founded by two Wofford graduates - Clarke Walker and Chris Dalton. Their focus is to promote new talent while giving each band even exposure. The site also serves as a music discovery project, meaning it displays the artists music in a manner that allows the average Joe to find his new favorite song or band. I'll be, for the most part, recruiting new artists and beefing up their blog in attempts to attract more talent and more average Joe's. I'm unofficially calling it Beat Dropping for Tune Traveler (clever, I know). If you're interested in finding new music, want to join the site as an artist, or are simply an avid follower of my rants, visit Tune Traveler and bookmark it (should fit nicely right next to BD). Check out my first post here

The second expansion comes as a result of joining Tune Traveler. Since I'll be writing for them and BD, my time, as I anticipate, will become split, especially since I'll be back at school. The solution: recruit another writer. Not just any writer, but one who has some of the finest taste in music. Tommy Oakes is from Charlottesville, Virginia but attends Wofford College with me and is one of my pledge brothers. Some of the music I've supplied in earlier posts has come from Tommy and his extensive iTunes library - mostly folk and a few standout tracks such as the infamous Biggie, Bocelli mashup. T-Bone will be guest writing a few times a week in order to fill in when I can't find the time to post. I'm in no way neglecting BD, though. This bad boy is my baby and I will forever be the main contributor, designer, and voice.

Be on the lookout for Tommy's first post sometime in early September, and be sure to check out Tune Traveler's website, Facebook page, and twitter!

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