Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brazilian Funk Is Good Funk

Spin this track, walk along a crowded street, and act like you own the place. You can't help but feel like you are top dog when this funky groove from Brazil's Banda União Black (pronounced OONyow BLACKee) hits your ears. The band is comprised of a respectable 13 member ensemble and is more or less the ethnic cousin of Earth, Wind, and Fire. The group's claim to fame came in the 70's, then again thirty years later in 2006 when they debuted their latest album in the states. Normally I tell you to sit back and enjoy the music, but with this track, I'm thinking you need to get out and do the beat street strut.* Enjoy

Been So Long - Banda União Black

*To fully enjoy this post, it's imperative that you watch the entire video in the link.

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