Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blending Your Thursdays: Brenton Duvall

I started Covering Your Wednesdays almost three months ago and it's received a lot of positive feedback. So many thumbs up, in fact, that it has prompted me to begin another daily special: Blending Your Thursdays. Mashups are massively popular these days, especially since artists are beginning to realize that everything can be blended together (whether they pick the right pairing for their track is largely up to the listener, and sometimes quite questionable). To blend songs, particularly of different genres, a great deal of musical understanding is demanded. I won't lie, I tried my hand at it. I failed miserably. I've said before that I have little to no musical talent; the mashups I created - which are countable on one hand because that's how long it took me to realize I sucked - never sounded natural. That's the hardest component to accomplish: making songs like Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" and Avicii's "Levels" sound like they were meant for each other. The mashup duo, The White Panda makes it look easy.

Deep In The Levels - The White Panda

Obviously, Blending Your Thursdays will be devoted to mashups will be devoted to great mashups that will grab your attention. If you've been a follower of Beat Dropping for a while, then you know I'm dedicated to promoting music I find great, not just good. So why stop now? I'm not going to spit out every mashup I come across, but rather the ones that do the unexpected, make you dance, and demand that repeat status. Well, here we go, and what better way to start off than with the infamous Brenton Duvall? This track dropped Tuesday night, but I saw it as the perfect fit for the inaugural post for Blending Your Thursdays. Biggie and Phil Collins were good friends and produced music together, right?

Some Other Party In Paradise - Brenton Duvall Must Download

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