Monday, August 1, 2011

Beatz & Pieces

To make up for my extended absence, I figured I'd start today off with giving you a free album that has challenged me such that I'm having a hard time describing its greatness. It's kinda like this, but more acceptable. If you're a fan of Pretty Lights or Paper Diamond, then it's time for you to jump on the Gramatik bandwagon. Dennis J, the man behind the music, signed with Pretty Light Music recently and has been on fire ever since. He released the album "Beatz & Pieces Vol.1" a couple of days ago and has an outrageous amount of musical diversity packed into its 17 track list. You're bobbing your head to the hip-hop one song, then grooving to the funk the next, all while being encompassed by the label's signature electronic feel. Enjoy

While I Was Playing Fair - Gramatik

Like You Do - Gramatik

Happiness On a Leash - Gramatik

Download: Beatz & Pieces Vol.1 Album

Bonus: I thought I would add this track as it's similar to what Gramatik did with this album. A little more intense, but it's Ray Charles baby, how could it not be?
Good Thymes (Ray Charles Remix) - Opiuo

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