Monday, August 1, 2011

Album Review: Free In The Mountains

I've never talked about Sterling Waite nor The Cotton Avenue Hustlers, but I admit that has been a mistake. The three man group joined forces this past spring and have already delivered an outstanding 9-track album. If you're a fan of Old Crow Medicine Show, The Avett Brothers, or even Van Morrison, you need to read this.

The album is called "Free In The Mountains," and rightfully so. Based out of Macon, Georgia, Sterling Waite & The Cotton Avenue Hustlers are musicians finding praise along the southeast mountains. Sterling Waite, the vocals, banjo, guitar, and harmonica of the band, has a smokey voice that works so well with the album's title and the band's sound. The music is simple; usually there is only the stand up bass, a harmonica, and a banjo present. I don't know about you, but I've always believed simple is better. Reportedly, the entire album was produced in an un-air-conditioned apartment with triple digit temperatures knocking on the windows. That being said, the band's rich folk and bluegrass sound surprisingly does not bring listeners into their cooking apartment, but rather takes them out into the cool mountain air. Each song is so well-crafted, that listeners simply become "Free In The Mountains."

Free In The Mountains - Sterling Waite & The Cotton Avenue Hustlers

Fire's Creek - Sterling Waite & The Cotton Avenue Hustlers

Download: Free In The Mountains Album

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  1. Hobbs! These guys are great! Can you get them a gig in Charlotte!? Would love to know if they have a NC/SC tour schedule! Thanks