Thursday, July 14, 2011

Volume V: Hands Up Anthem

Beat Dropping is proud to present our fifth mixtape, "Hands Up Anthem," and for good reason. With artists like Lil Wayne, Big Gigantic, and Akon, this mixtape is filled with talent and tracks that should be played over and over. The download link is before and after the track list, and be sure to sort by song name once it's in your iTunes library. Click "Read More" below to view and learn more about the tracklist, enjoy.

1. Grove Street Party ft. Lil B - Lil Wayne: One of the tracks off his latest mixtape, "Sorry 4 The Wait," "Grove Party" features a Weezy freestyle on top of a Waka Flocka beat.

2. Jolene (Live Remix ft. Pretty Lights) - Robotic Pirate Monkey: I had to include this track not just because it's an example of some great dubstep, but because it's an eye catcher. RPM takes Dolly Parton's "Jolene" and artfully adds their own twist to it (with a little help from Pretty Lights).

3. Swing 90's Anthem - D.Veloped: It's not a new track by any means, but that doesn't mean it can't be included.

4. I Stand Alone - Theopilus London: I just posted about this song, but felt the need to include it as I've been obsessed with it since it leaked. Be sure to order London's new album that comes out on July 19th.

5. Dreamer ft. Akon - Trey Palms: This one features Akon and does not let down. Showcasing a smooth flow, this track has a combination of Trey Palm's lyricism and Akon's addicting voice. Consequently, it's a must download, and lucky for you, it comes with 13 other tracks that are just as good.

6. Hands Up - Lil Wayne: Another track off of Lil Wayne's mixtape, "Sorry 4 The Wait," "Hands Up" is largely the inspiration for the title for Volume V. A laid back freestyle, this track features Wayne at his finest.

7. Too Many Lights - White Noise Mashups: There's a lot going on in this track, but don't let that deter you. It's controlled chaos featuring everyone's favorite girl: Ellie Goulding.

8. Rabiosa Remix - Tune In Crew: My French friends came through this time with a little ethnic flair. Remixing Shakira and Pitbull's "Rabiosa," Tune In Crew introduces two genres to each other: latina and house.

9. Get Em High - Big Gigantic: These guys are my new favorites when talking about dubstep and glitch production. One of the sickest remixes I have ever laid ears on. Period. For once, Kanye West sounds good.

10. I Saw The Sign (ft. Hendersin, Mike Stud, Missy Modell) - Kinetics & One Love: I'm not too crazy about Missy Modell, but the beat is refreshing and the rapping is spot on. Solid track

11. Bullshit Comes & Goes - Sam-Sin: The new kid from Northern California, Sam-Sin was introduced to me via a good friend of mine, Jordan Kay. With an original feel delivered in a laid back manner, this is a solid track. Be on the lookout for this kid; he has the potential to go places.

12. Let It Go - Eddy B. & Tim Gunter: The North Carolina duo deliver their usual flow via their latest EP, "Overseas."

13. Wiz Khalifa On My Level - Deathstar Remix: Lately, I'm loving anything with featuring the Wiz. I'm thinking everyone else is too...

14. The Dope Collective - Beau Young Prince: The title track off his upcoming album, "The Dope Collective" is a solid ending note for Volume V: Hands Up Anthem. I'm excited to see what else this kid produces, as he shows talent both in production and rapping. He does both with this track and lets his voice develop the track and eventually lead it into an addictive teaser for the album.

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