Saturday, July 23, 2011

Surf Rock That Doesn't Suck

I apologize for my absence the past two days, but I feel like this post will make up for it. From the moment I randomly stumbled on a song of theirs, I've been bobbing my head back and forth to the easy flowing band, Bag of Toys. The band started out in San Fransisco in 2004, and have now ended up in Wilmington, North Carolina. I found their music via The Pier and like I said before, I'm obsessed. Led by lead singer, Robert Trait, this four man band has released three albums, and most recently "Access 10." They have an acoustic surf rock feel that allows them to take it slow one minute, then speed it up to a beachy jam the other. Playing from small venues all along the southeastern coast, Bag of Toys has been gaining a lot of attention within North and South Carolina. Once you start listening, I dare you to try and think of other things than the beach. It's impossible. If you enjoy their music, visit their website where you can see their tour schedule, buy their albums, and gain access to some free tracks.

Smile So Wide - Bag of Toys

How You Gonna - Bag of Toys

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