Saturday, July 2, 2011

Remastering Tupac

I picked this track up via GMAD and am loving it. Circulating the internet in poor quality for about two years now, Tupac Shakur's "Road To Glory" has finally been remastered and beefed up. In my opinion, Tupac is one of hip-hops figure heads, if not the best rapper to date. He was charming, lyrically gifted, and gave new meaning to laid back hip-hop. This track showcases the last two characteristics mentioned, and especially his impeccably smooth flow. Telling the story of Mike Tyson's victorious bout against Bruno, "Road To Glory" is a must download. Who knows, maybe the rapper is still alive somewhere and remade the track himself; that's my hope and wish for the day. Enjoy

Road To Glory - Tupac

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