Friday, July 15, 2011

Lil Wayne's Sorry 4 The Wait

The title says it all, so much so that Wayne felt it was necessary to release a mixtape in order to make up for his album's prolonged debut. Weezy fans couldn't be happier that his album, The Carter IV has taken longer than expected because along with this recently dropped mixtape, they've been reassured. At least I have. Since he was released from jail, Wayne's tracks have been sub par and a little weird for my liking. The excitement and success that came while debuting tracks like "A Milli," "I'm Me," and even "Fireman," had seemingly worn off. Well rest assured, he's back and in full swing. Like most of his previous mixtapes, Lil Wayne samples the instrumentals from some of the year's most popular songs and unleashes a lyrical storm. That's the Weezy I grew to love and have grown to miss until now. I know I'm a little late on this one; he released it earlier this week but I was too excited about Beat Dropping's fifth mixtape to worry about anything else (if you haven't downloaded it, do it now and then share it with everyone you have ever met. It's called networking via teamwork. Be my street team). The full mixtape download is after my favorites, enjoy.

Listener warning: Lil Wayne is notoriously explicit, so if you're sensitive towards bad language, you may want to direct your ears towards a different post.

Sorry 4 The Wait - Lil Wayne

Hands Up (Freestyle) - Lil Wayne

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