Sunday, July 17, 2011

Joe Pug's Nation of Heat

I'm becoming more and more obsessed with singer-songwriter, Joe Pug. I featured him earlier this summer, and I'm featuring him again now because I feel like he's the kind of artist that should become a regular on Beat Dropping. He's a young guy with a unique voice who loves to see his music being passed around. The following song, "Nation of Heat," is an important one for Pug, as it jump started his career and pushed him into the spotlight after leaving The University of North Carolina to pursue music. According to his website, Pug "worked as a carpenter by day, [and] spent nights playing the guitar he hadn’t picked up since his teenage years. Using ideas originally slated for a play he was writing...Pug began creating the sublime lyrical arrangements that would become the Nation of Heat EP." Short on money, Pug relied on those surrounding him to promote and share his songs, which began with "Nation of Heat." He has stuck to this method of promotion as he explains why:
“Look, in the end, I just trust my fans, and the nature of people in general. I need to pay my bills like anyone else does. But I also don’t think it’s right to ask someone to pay $15 when they don’t know what they’re getting. So in a way by sending out these CDs, I’m wagering that they’ll like my music, and that if they do they’ll come to shows, buy CDs, and help me spread the word even further. And so far I’ve been proven right. Without question, the more sampler CDs I send out, the more music I sell.”

I'm aware that the sound quality of the above video is sub par, but it's there for you to catch a glimpse of the man and who he is as an artist. The mp3 just above is in much higher quality, and definitely worth the download. If you like this song, visit Beat Dropping's previous post featuring him, visit his website, and donate any amount you feel appropriate via Noise Trade. As always, share the music you enjoy and help spread the love.

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