Sunday, July 10, 2011

Go, Don't Stop With Mat. McHugh

"...For just a moment lose yourself in the warmth, dream of other places outside the walls in which you sit, dinky through Brazil with Mat. McHugh and don’t forget to share the bliss with your friends! Go Don’t Stop!"

Mat. McHugh is the lead singer from the well known band, The Beautiful Girls. Recently, he's been pursuing a solo career, and in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with his decision. He reminds me a lot of Jack Johnson, but he's a lot cooler. If you watch the The Pier Magazine's interview with him above, you'll probably be wishing you were hanging out next to him sipping on Caipirinhas. In the video, he explains why he decided to pursue a solo career, his lasting friendship and involvement with The Beautiful Girls, and his simple mentality that allows him to live such a rich life. His most recent solo track, titled "Go Don't Stop" came to me via email and I've been loving it since the first listen. It's a definite summer song, as it relaxes and seemingly warms the body as soon as it hits the ears. Coming from his website, "McHugh documented his time [in Brazil] in 'The Blacktop Diaries' and also decided that there was no better place to capture the spirit of his new found singularity than in Brazil.

Go Don't Stop - Mat. McHugh

Bonus: Freedom, Pt. 2 - The Beautiful Girls

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