Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fantasizing with Breakbot

When you're talking about funky dance tunes, it doesn't get much better than Breakbot. The man is a genius and has a gift for making people get up and move with every track he produces. I've posted about him once before with one of his many hits, "Baby, I'm yours," and received a lot of positive feedback - I guess my followers like to groove. His most recent track, "Fantasy," is definitely not a let down. Although a little more relaxed than the preceding song, "Fantasy" still gets the blood flowing while showcasing Breakbot's funky talents. The high pitched, yet psychedelic vocals coupled with the groovy beat are a combination resulting in a nostalgic disco feeling. Personally, whenever I hear his music I picture Michael Jackson moon walking while John Travolta dances underneath the disco ball. If you like the song or are at least intrigued by the image I described, check out his website and "do the funky bot!"

Fantasy ft. Ruckazoid - Breakbot

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